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Scanner SurgiScan X2

Scanner system SurgiScan is an essential accessory for the precise superficial, athermic treatment of tissue with CO2 Laser UNILAS Touch & other devices. It comes with an extensive range of scanning patterns, enabling the distribution of fine-tuned amounts of energy over accurately defined areas.

Main Features

  • Extensive variety of patterns

  • All patterns are precisely rotatable & freely adjustable in their spot size

  • Greatly improves & extends the range of treatments for the laser surgeon

  • Can be connected easily to a handpiece or micromanipulator, mounted on a microscope or colposcope

  • All settings are controlled comfortably by the laser’s display

  • Unique randomized mode for an improved fractional therapy


Medical Applications

Available Configurations

  • Scanner SurgiScan X2 One
    High-precision scanner for ablation of tissue

  • Scanner SurgiScan X2 Forma
    High-precision scanner for fractional therapy of tissue

  • Scanner SurgiScan X2 Seta
    High-precision scanner for both ablation & fractional therapy of tissue


Main Accessories

  • Micromanipulators

  • Various focussing handpieces for both ablation & fractional    therapy of tissue

Technical Specifications

Operating parameters

  • Program "Aesthetic"

  • Program "Microsurgery"

  • Program "SurgiLine"

  • Program "PowerScan"

  • Program "Fractional Therapy"

Activation profiles

  • Continuous

  • Single Pattern

  • Repeated Pattern

Emission modes

  • Ablative

  • Fractional

  • Randomized fractional

User interaction

Easy-to-use color operating panel (by the laser display)

Memory for user programsStorage for user profiles / individual operating parameters (by the laser display)

* depending on device model & configuration

Exemplary Scanning Patterns

surgiscan figures
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