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The 985 Colposcope is Seiler’s premier over the shoulder model.

The mount is set up higher to remove any obstructions from the user’s field. The 985 is equipped with a 5 step magnification turret, 300mm working distance & standard LED Illumination.


  • 300mm working distance objective lens offering 3, 4, 7, 11, & 17x magnification

  • Additional magnification/objective lens combinations are available

  • Widefield 12.5x eyepieces with diopter locks & fold-down rubber eyecups

  • Straight binocular head (Optional: fixed Inclined, inclinable)

  • LED Illumination system

  • Maximum height from floor to objective lens – 54 inches

  • Minimum height – 32 inches

  • Overall distance from the column to the objective lens – 33 inches

  • Green filter in selector knob

  • Comes with dust cover & instruction manual

  • CO2 Laser compatible via micro manipulator

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