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Personalised tower settings for each physician


A unique image for each user, this is now possible with personalized user profiles. More brightness, less red colors, etc. Every surgeon has his own perception of his work environment & is used to a certain type of image. Then, physicians can program their parameters, save them into their own user profile & retrieve them each time they use the tower. One tower, multiple users & as many settings as desired.


Touchless technology to connect to your profile


Personalized profiles can be stored on a Scard. Simply approach your card to the camera control unit & this is it! You’re connected & all your preferred parameters are displayed. Now, get ready for your surgery!

Enabling the elements to communicate together


ISYME is an exclusive technology connecting all the towers elements together & taking the best of each to provide the best user experience, no matter what happens. Above all, everything is connected to the camera & can be controlled directly from the camera head to increase the ease of use for surgeons. ISYME provides an optimal surgical environment.

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