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Flexible Laser Fibers

The fiber-based laser systems of Limmer Laser have an outstanding variety of flexible fiber applicators that are specifically designed for the requirements in each medical discipline.

Range of Fibers & Applicators

  • Ultra-flexible Bare Fibers

  • Sidefire Fibers

  • Harpoon Fibers

  • EndoRadial Fibers

To find out all about the advantages of a specific type of fiber applicator, please contact us.

Ultra-Flexible Bare Fibers

Bare Fibers, also called front-firing fibers, are a standard accessory for minimally-invasive endoscopic or laparoscopic surgery.

Main Features

  • Highest possible levels of flexibility for improved bending characteristics (e.g. for flexible endoscopes)

  • Extended resilience during use by superior inner fiber core and protective layer materials

  • Ideal beam profile at the distal end for less scattered radiation effects at tissue


Medical Applications

All medical applications related
to the application of laser energy, involving:

  • Precise cutting of tissue

  • Surface ablation of tissue

  • Coagulation of tissue and blood vessels

  • Destruction of stones

Harpoon Fibers

The Harpoon Fiber has a unique fiber design not comparable to other manufacturer's products.

Main Features

  • Great handling advantage to the surgeon whenever it comes to the tangential cutting of tissue, e.g. during tumor surgery

  • Not defocussing the laser energy, instead it redirects a focussed spot in an angle optimized for e.g. endoscopic surgery

  • There is no other fiber like the Harpoon Fiber available.

EndoRadial Fibers

The EndoRadial Fiber is an outstanding solution to surgeons whose emphasis is on vascular treatments. By a special lense system, it redirects the laser energy in a 360° angle, reliably shrinking the blood vessel.

Main Features

  • No more need for extra and difficult to handle catheter sets

  • Easy and controlled introduction into the blood vessel by a rounded distal end

  • Available in different sizes, depending on the diameter of the blood vessel

Sidefire Fibers

The Sidefire Fiber has become a standard tool among surgeons e.g. in Urology where the superficial ablation of soft tissue inside hollow organs is required. In an angle of about 90°, it redirects and slightly defocusses the laser energy in a way that high tissue ablation rates are achieved.

Main Features

  • Easy and controlled introduction into the endoscope by a resistant, rounded distal end

  • Adjustable integrated joystick for precision movements of the fiber

  • Extended life-times by highest material quality

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