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CO2 Micromanipulators for Microscopes & Colposcopes

High-precision micromanipulators are an essential accessory for fine-surgical laser treatment of tissue. Our accessories integrate optimally into your laser work station & provide a precise link between the laser device & your microscope or colposcope.

Main Features

  • Mounts easily to existing microscopes or colposcopes of all major brands

  • Comfortable movement of the laser beam by a joystick

  • Quick defocussing of the laser beam for increased coagulation by a special defocussing lever (model MicroSpot)

  • Adjustable hand holder that can be positioned according to the surgeon's preferences

  • Ultra-small spot sizes guarantee an optimal cutting behavior

  • Can be combined with Scanner System SurgiScan for enabling high-precision tissue ablation

Available Configurations

  • Micromanipulator MiniSpot
    High-precision micromanipulator with spot sizes >=0,320 mm for general microscopic and colposcopic applications.

  • Micromanipulator MicroSpot X2
    High-precision micromanipulator with spot sizes >=0,1 mm for minimal effects on surrounding tissue structures. Highly recommended for ENT.

Technical Specifications

Operating parameters *

  • Extended focal width range 200 - 600 mm

  • Adjustable hand holder

  • Enabled for combined use with Scanner SurgiScan

  • Maximum energy transmission rates by special lense / mirror technology

  • Design optimized for high-precision treatments and comfortable mounting on the existing microscope / colposcope

       * depending on device model & configuration

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