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Safety for your team and patients

VACULAS 4000 includes all aspects of an effective, high-performance smoke evacuator for surgical purposes.

This medical device is optimised for clearing the air in operating rooms of fume & gas constituents created by vaporization of human or animal tissue by Laser or HF (high frequency) / RF (radio frequency) generators. Additionally, the optional FLUID upgrade kit allows the removal of smaller amounts of liquids.

This smoke evacuator has an extraordinary retention rate of 99.99999995 % @ 0,01 µm which is achieved by the combination of a primary filter & the ULPA high-efficiency main particle filter. Even with the powerful suction rate of up to 950 liters / minute, the smallest (bioactive) virus particles, aerosols, organic gases & unpleasant smells are effectively removed.

Key advantages

  • Powerful suction at lowest possible noise level

  • Removes even smallest particles & smells, improves sight during surgery

  • Modern touch screen with intuitive user interface

  • Comfortable wireless control of smoke removal by the laser device

  • Highly manoeuvrable with easy run castor wheels

  • Adjustable timer to remove lingering smoke particles even after activation

  • With FLUID Upgrade Kit: Ideal for surgeries involving fluids (e.g. in gynecology)

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