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Keep patients safe & comfortable with Nella® VuSleeve®, the single-use tissue retraction sheath.


  • Increases visibility & access to cervix

  • Retracts vaginal sidewalls, improving quality of care for any exam or procedure

  • Retains excess tissue for otherwise difficult in-office colposcopy & hysteroscopy

  • Enables patient comfort

  • Protects vaginal sidewall tissue during electrosurgical procedures

  • Increases patient comfort & reduces need for a wider speculum

  • Latex-free material material insulates patients from a cold metal speculum

  • Easy to use

  • Designed to fit most common speculum sizes & styles, metal & plastic

  • Paper applicator ensures quick & easy placement on speculum

Improved Patient Comfort

VuSleeve's latex-free material allows a smaller, more comfortable speculum to retract more tissue & insulates patients from the coldness of a metal speculum.



Fits Your Existing Speculum

With a paper applicator, VuSleeve is quickly & easily applied to most existing metal or plastic specula, providing added benefit to any exam or procedure.

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