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Experience Surgery in True 3D



Practicing in a field where musculoskeletal disorders are common, surgeons need to be assured that the equipment they choose promotes optimal working posture.

Seiler’s PromiseVision 3D ensures the surgeon practices in an upright, working posture while keeping visual contact with the surgical field & the surgeons surroundings.

The PromiseVision 3D system allows ergonomically-perfect posture, with a head-up 3D image. Together this provides wonderful comfort with freedom of movement &nd less fatigue.

Magnification & Illumination

The PromiseVision 3D system provides 6 steps of magnification. With the enhanced precision of magnification, surgeons can improve the overall quality of their work. Increased magnification can be critical to success in surgery.

Unlike loupes or microscopes, PromiseVision 3D magnification provides unprecedented depth-of-field (up to 51 mm) & a very wide 100 mm field of view.

The LED illumination on PromiseVision 3D provides abundant, co-axial lighting, in a comfortable-to-the-eye, natural light hue, while maintaining a 50,000-hour life on the LED bulb.

Video Capture

PromiseVision 3D provides a 2D AND 3D HDMI cable connection which allows for the convenient capture of still images or the recording of video. Using captured images, surgeons can have better discussion with their staff & build an educational foundation.

The PromiseVision 3D can greatly enhance staff awareness, & is a great tool for surgery education. According to a 2010 Texas Instruments educational study, 3D visualization improves understanding, engagement & knowledge retention.


• No binocular head
• True heads-up display for better ergonomics
• Depth of field greater than 51mm
• Field of view wider than 110mm
• Rotate optical pod while keeping ergonomic posture
• Additional 2D & 3D outputs
• Integrated HD video capture & recording system
• Variofocus 200mm – 350mm objective lens (400mm available)
• Available mounts: floor, fixed floor, ceiling, high wall & wall
• Unobstructed peripheral vision
• 60 Frames per second with no latency
• Smaller learning curve
• Quicker procedures
• Improved staff awareness & rapport
• Wonderful comfort, with freedom of movement & less eye fatigue
• Magnification range from 4.5x to 28x

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