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STS 282

Patient Stretcher for Emergencies and Outpatient Departments


Whether for first aid treatment, in outpatient departments or intensive care units, the modern transport stretcher STS 282 sets new standards in operation and mobility as well as in hygiene and design.


Well-designed features facilitate the daily work when patients are in need of first-aid treatment or nursing service. Four large castors and additional fifth castor for precise directional steering provide excellent manoeuvring facilities, Solid construction with central locking of castors from all sides.


Optimal cleaning/disinfection guaranteed by closed surfaces of chassis and upper part and fixation of upholsteries by adhesive gel strips. Antimicrobial coating on push bar, adjustment levers and handles of fold-down side guards.

Large adjustment range with a low basic height of 590 mm for more comfort for the patient and hospital staff. A patient stretcher with a favourable price/performance ratio, a broad range of accessories and easy handling.

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