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imed medical WILD COLPO - Digital 3D Stereo Colposcope 

The WILD COLPO from imed Medical is a digital 3D stereo colposcope on a roll stand including vision PC and handle. The colposcope is equipped with a Touch Screen 26” 3D Full HD/UHD/4K monitor for use with or without 3D glasses. Patient details can be captured directly through the use of the virtual keyboard on screen. A second 13” 2D Full HD/UHD(4K) monitor is equipped for patient co-observation or examination de-briefing. 

The equipment allows for the capturing of both images and videos with the ability to add annotations and note taking. Images can be compared side by side with the ability to use built in image marking tools. 


  • Roller tripod

  • 13 inch touch monitor

  • Vision unit with PC

  • Footswitch

  • 3D monitor EIZO 26 inches, can be switched to 2D at any time

  • 3D glasses

  • Variable working distance: 280 mm – 380 mm

  • Input Patient data via virtual keyboard or via worklist from the patient management system

  • Switchable camera modes (3D - 2D)

  • Auto focus

  • Quick focus

  • Manual focus

  • Zoom function

  • White LED light and other light colors (digital colour filter) 

  • ​Display of previous images on the main and touch monitor

  • Open spaces with area measurement

  • Measuring body center with stretches

  • Circles with measurement

  • ​Comparative analysis of findings 

  • Surveying 

  • Image editing

  • CO2 Laser compatible 

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