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The new generation of out-patient treatment & examination chairs for Gynaecology and Urology.

Optimised use, high level of comfort & first-class design combined with state-of-the-art technology & great value for money.

An upholstery width of up to 685mm at the back section & an individually adjustable head cushion attached magnetically to the chair offers patients pleasant & comfortable seating.

  • Controlled by hand or foot control

  • Access height only 550mm, even older or physically challenged patients can take a seat on the chair

  • Safe working load up to 250kg

  • Foot support or Gopel leg support options

  • Paper roll compartment taking up to 500mm paper width

  • Optimised adjustment speed & four selectable memory positions allow quick adjustment to the relevant position

  • Chair can be quickly moved into the horizontal position (backrest goes flat & choice of two foot plates)

  • Deep Gynae cut out offers improved access

  • Theatre Stirrup options available popular for urology positioning

  • In a position of pelvic elevation, the rinsing basin stays horizontal

  • Concealed wheels make the examination chair a mobile unit with quick central locking mechanism

  • Improved hygienic conditions & easy cleaning. Even the area under the arco-matic® can be cleaned thanks to its mobility 

  • Multiple colours available for leatherette

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