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CO2 Laser UNILAS Touch

Experience the excellent performance of our latest 4th generation CO2 Laser, which combines advanced laser technology with the extensive knowledge of our engineers to produce the ideal laser for hospitals and clinics. Get a firsthand look at the exceptional quality of our CO2 Laser UNILAS Touch!

Here are the main benefits:

  • High power output up to 80 Watt Continuous Wave (CW) and 30 Watt extended SuperPulse

  • Innovative UltraSharp Laser Technology, providing the smallest beam diameters and improved patient outcomes

  • SurgiScan X2 scanner system, designed for precise tissue ablation, cutting, and gentle fractional therapy, making it suitable for both surgical and aesthetic treatments

  • SolidBench Technology that ensures long-lasting and perfect alignment of the pilot and working beam

  • Large True Color Touch Panel, which allows for easy and intuitive operation of all functions

  • Integrated treatment assistant that helps in selecting the right treatment parameters, benefiting from the knowledge of surgeons from various medical fields

  • Dual delivery option for using both articulated arm and flexible CO2 laser fiber.


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